Can you have too much flying wedge?

Certain teaching circles have brought exposure to several Golfing Machine concepts recently, most notably the concept of the flying wedge. If you are unfamiliar with this concept the [right forearm] “flying wedge”  is the angle created by the right forearm and right wrist bend and the right elbow and clubhead which allows the clubhead to trail the hands. It also […]

Reasons to NOT put your right forearm on plane at address!

On the heels of one of the most exciting Masters in history, Charl Schwartzel was able to fend off the charging competition to win his first PGA Tour event and Major. While demonstrating remarkable composure, Schwartzel appeared to be destined for greatness after chipping in on the first hole for birdie and then sinking an […]

The putting stroke: Arc or SBST?

There has been conflicting and confusing information floating around about the movement of the putter face and its implications on impact and the starting line of the putt. Should I putt with an arc, or should I be trying to incorporate a Straight Back and Straight Through putting stroke? While in theory, a straight back and straight through sounds like […]

Putting and Rhythm

What is rhythm? How do I obtain it? Can it be taught? The answer is yes!  Just as in all aspects of the golf stroke (putting and full swing) the answer is not only soluble, but easily attainable as well. The mystery dissolves with a closer look at perhaps the most overlooked axiom in the stroke, […]

Sweet spot control and turned grips

Here is a different look and take on an issue that plagues many golfers and instructors. When someone is given a club for the first time, the unusual shape of the tool and plane of motion the tool was designed to move on is unique from many of the usual sports that individual may have […]

10 Tips to Perfect Your Swing

10 Tips to Perfect Your Swing 1.  Create a consistent warm-up and stretching routine.  Follow daily. 2.  Work on posture at least five minutes per day so it becomes second nature on the course.  A lot of swing faults come from poor posture. 3.  Centeredness of contact over high swing speeds for greater distance. 4.  […]